How to sell driftwood?

How to sell Driftwood

Driftwood is gaining popularity thanks to innumerable crafters making it more usable and customizable. If you have recently developed a passion for driftwood, it is high time you convert passion to business. Before you kickstart a business, ensure that you have a regular source of driftwood, or it could land up in a demand-supply gap.

Different driftwood pieces

There are three things you should do to start selling driftwood:

1) Find driftwood sources

2) Identify a range of items you can produce with driftwood

3) Register your brand to sell it commercially.

All set? Let’s begin!

How to sell driftwood? 6 Amazing Spots

Thanks to online forums and shopping sites, selling driftwood is a lot easier. However, you can always explore a combination of online and offline platforms to fetch a steady flow of income selling driftwood.

1. Local furniture shops

If you have continuous access to driftwood and can supply it in large quantities, a local furniture shop is the one to approach. In this case, you need to take driftwood as a full-time business.

The advantage of selling driftwood to a local furniture shop is becoming a consistent supplier of materials. Here are a few ways to crack the deal –

  • Meet the corporate management and present a catalog of your preparation.
  • Give a piece of customized driftwood as a token of gift.
  • Speak for the deal in the long run. This is how you can score the deal quickly.

If you find it challenging to meet the CEO, you can pitch to the procurement manager.

Local furniture shops

2. Aquarium supply companies

Have you chosen a niche for selling driftwood? Perhaps, driftwood has innumerable uses, out of which the aquarium is an enormous domain.

The essential requirement to sell driftwood to aquarium supply companies is customized aquatic-friendly driftwood. Not all driftwoods can be placed inside a fish tank! You need to have an eye for the correct type of driftwood and creativity.

If you are unsure about the value of driftwood you have just picked for an aquarium, here’s a video that can help you extensively.

The secondary requirement is to provide a quality certificate for each piece you sell. This includes the procedure you have followed, along with a quality certificate addressing usability, safety, and hygiene for aquatic beings.

To stand unique in the market, you can explore the idea of issuing a quality certificate. Get in touch with a quality inspector and talk for a regular association!

Driftwood is very used in aquariums

3. Etsy

It is time to begin your online business immediately. Etsy comes to your rescue.

Here’s what you can sell – driftwood lamps, sculpture, terrarium, pieces, macrame, wall art, and other craftworks. If you want to limit driftwood pieces, you can still sell them on Etsy and get regular orders.

The price starts from $1 and goes on till $5,000. All that matters is how unique your product is. This tenet determines your sustainability in the market.

Here’s what you should do to begin selling driftwood on Etsy.

  • Create an account on Etsy.
  • List products for sale.
  • Cross-promote on YouTube and other social platforms.
  • Run Etsy campaigns and promote products.

That’s it! Things will begin rolling.

4. Facebook

Facebook is evolving rapidly. With the introduction of the Facebook marketplace, you can now sell driftwood on Facebook within your vicinity.

Here are three ways to sell driftwood on this platform.

  • Facebook groups – Join trading groups in and around your region and list your products.
  • Facebook marketplace – List the product and then share it on your profile/page/other platforms.
  • Facebook watch – Create videos about your products and then announce thesale price. This approach can bring in more visitors and customers.

Driftwood is not a new concept, and more artisans are looking out for original driftwood to upcycle further.

5. Amazon

Can you believe that Amazon can fetch you substantial revenues in the long run? Similar to Etsy, you can sell driftwood on Amazon with a listing.

You need to have a seller account with tax credentials to start your journey as a seller.

The advantage of this platform is that it has multiple sections under which you can extend your product line. Probably, you can begin with unfinished wood and move on to aquarium décor wood, hanging jewelry organizer, vase fillers, and other industrial products from driftwood.

According to Girl Hustle, selling driftwood online in jewelry and other household products can fetch more income than its raw form.

Before you set the price and list your product, remember to go through the terms and conditions of Amazon for product quality.

6. eBay

How can we not miss this massive platform that can generate unbelievable profits? According to FreeFromBoss, selling driftwood on eBay is a high-selling niche.

You can sell driftwood from as low as $5 to as high as $5,000. The price depends on the type of customization and usability of the product.

To double your income selling on eBay, here’s what you should do.

  • Go on regular walks alongside the shore.
  • Keep dried driftwood ready at all times. You never know when you will get an
  • Focus more on aquariums and jewelry as these are profitable areas.

These are six ways by which selling driftwood becomes feasible and easier than ever. It is time to register your business and start selling.

The rule of thumb is to retain quality and think unique when selling online and offline.

Is driftwood worth anything?

Driftwood has a huge value ranging from $1 to an infinite value. Show your creativity, create a market, and sell!

Keep in mind that every part of the wood has value, and you should never consider it a scrap.

Is it illegal to sell driftwood?

Selling driftwood is legal, but an awareness of local and state rules is mandatory concerning the collection and processing of driftwood.

According to Mail Tribune, one cubic yard of driftwood can legally be collected in a day. However, regular collection and commercial processing include adherence to regulatory permits and guidelines.


One of the best domains to start an income this year is to sell driftwood. By selling offline, you can work on huge volumes, and by online, you can multiply profits. Choose the model you prefer.

I’d recommend going ahead with a mix of online and offline methods to keep your business up and running. Nevertheless, keep in mind to stay creative and pay attention to the quality of the driftwood as and when you collect, process, and sell!

Happy selling!

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