Where Can I Get Cheap Driftwood

Where Can I Get Cheap Driftwood 

Making crafts out of driftwood is a consistent source of income for many enthusiasts around. With the growing need for quality raw materials, the availability of driftwood is diminishing. However, after exploring for several months, I’ve identified the five common locations where you can get cheap driftwood. 

You can source cheap driftwood in bulk from these locations – Amazon, Etsy, Walmart, Aliexpress, and local bulk driftwood vendors. However, you can also find free driftwood if you live in a state/country that permits the collection of driftwood on the shore. 


If you’re keen to know what the prices are like in these stores, you should read further. 

5 Places To Get Cheap Driftwood

  1. Amazon

Amazon stocks a large number of driftwood from thousands of sellers across the world. There are driftwoods specific for large aquarium tanks, crafts, and other decor purposes. 

The average price for a couple of pieces of driftwood is 25 USD. The only problem with buying from Amazon is to stay careful about the nature of wood and the tannin contents in it. 

Read about cleaning Driftwood in this article.

Here’s the best driftwood from the huge lot: Amazon

  1. Etsy

If you’re looking to source cheap driftwood for craft and decor purposes, Etsy is the perfect destination. At as low as 10 USD, you can find a handful of driftwood pieces. Perhaps, some driftwood pieces are already treated. This gives ample advantage to use driftwood immediately. 

One of the great deals that I identified at less than 20 USD is here: Etsy

If you’re planning to gift driftwood-based décor this Christmas, this is a great place to hunt some cheap driftwood. 

  1. Walmart

Is Walmart a stone’s throw from your location? You shouldn’t miss taking a stroll into this superstore to purchase bulk and cheap driftwood. 

Perhaps, there’s scope for online shopping as well. There are two reasons to choose driftwood from Walmart – you get it at 6 USD (a great deal), and there are numerous options for driftwood. You don’t have to limit your purchase in particular to decor or aquarium. 

Walmart is also open to bulk orders and issues discounts. Isn’t that a way to get a great deal?

Place your order for affordable driftwood here – Walmart

  1. Aliexpress

If you’re looking for cheap driftwood for your shop or large-sized orders, I’d recommend Aliexpress. When you’re establishing a commercial venture to trade driftwood, it’s essential to focus on variety in terms of origins, shapes, sizes, and purposes. 

While this is a reliable way to source genuine, high-quality driftwood at affordable rates, you may have to put up with shipping or export delays since Aliexpress has vendors from different parts of the globe. 

You can look for wholesale driftwood here – Aliexpress

  1. Local Bulk Driftwood Vendors

For several years, I’ve purchased driftwood from local vendors at wholesale prices. However, it has always been for personal use. When you’re looking at sourcing local driftwood, you can always approach local vendors or property owners. Local vendors can offer great deals for regular orders starting from as low as 5 USD for 400g of driftwood. 

Well, there’s another trick. If you’ve found driftwood on the shore, you can write to the property owner or the concerned authority around for permission to take them. This can incur the least charges. 


Where Can I Naturally Find Driftwood

Shores of water bodies like lakes, rivers, and oceans are ideal for finding driftwood. However, you should be clear that those pieces of driftwood can have different tree origins and also contain tannins. 

If you live in a country or state that permits the collection of driftwood, it’s recommended to plan a weekend activity and take a walk along the shore to fill your sacks with driftwood pieces. This can be a fun activity. 

Where to find Driftwood

Can You Make Your Own Driftwood

Making driftwood on your own is feasible when you’ve already collected twigs, branches, roots, and wood sticks. It’s easy to make and is affordable as well, but it needs proper experience to treat driftwood pieces before using them. 

There are plentiful ways to get driftwood at low prices or for free. However, it entirely depends on your location, requirement, and the purpose of the driftwood. 

If you’re planning for commercial establishments, you should always look for vendors on Aliexpress (for variety) or strike a deal with local vendors.

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