Best DIY Driftwood Christmas trees (2022)

Best DIY Driftwood Christmas trees (2022)

It’s time for jingle bells to ring at your door. If you’re a driftwood collector like me, this is the perfect time to spice up your passion by adding a festive touch to it. The idea of creating a driftwood Christmas tree has been ringing in my mind for long as this adds beauty to the occasion and gives a significant degree of satisfaction.

However, most of us lack the understanding to create that perfect DIY driftwood Christmas tree. Sounds like your story? This article is for you. 

How To Make A Driftwood Christmas Tree

Making a driftwood Christmas tree at home requires several pieces of driftwood (from small to large lengths), a strong wooden log, a long rod for the center portion, a drill bit, colored papers, and some bells to adorn the tree. 

Once you’ve got these materials ready, it’s time to start the experiment. 

1: Gather driftwood pieces

Go for a walk and collect driftwood pieces of all sizes to arrange them from small to large in terms of length and diameter. 

Here’s an article explaining probable places to identify driftwood: Best place to find driftwood

For this experiment, it’s essential to start from 4 inches (to set on the top) to 4-5 feet (to set at the bottom). 

Perhaps, some pieces can look shabby. If you’re worried about their looks, you can boil them. In any case, you should ensure that there are no tannins in them, as these can be dangerous if you’re planning to reuse them. 

Here’s another article about boiling driftwood – How long to boil driftwood to remove tannins?

2: Arrange driftwood pieces

The topmost part of the Christmas tree is usually the tiniest in terms of diameter. This diameter increases as you approach the bottom portion. 

Remember to sort them in the order of smallest to largest on the ground. 

It’s important to avoid spreading them evenly. Otherwise, it would appear like a line of driftwood pieces to your visitors. Instead, you should arrange it in the format shown in this YouTube video. 

3: Attach the center rod. 

Once you’ve sorted the pieces, it’s time to patch them using a drilling machine and a drill bit. 

In the center point of each driftwood, you should drill a hole to fit the long rod. Repeat this process until all pieces are drilled. 

4: Set the base log. 

As soon as you’ve drilled all pieces of driftwood and attached them with one long rod, you should check if it looks like a tree and can stand with the support of the log. 

If you’d like an alternative for this base log, you can also choose a round stand and extend the rod to this stand, so they look together. 

5: Decorate the tree.

It can be less interesting to see a plain driftwood Christmas tree. To make it more decorative, you can experiment with bells, flowers, and colored sheets. 

For instance, stick colored sheets at a specific portion of each piece of driftwood. Subsequently, fix bells above these sheets. These can quickly capture the attention of visitors. 

Best DIY Driftwood Christmas Trees

Are you looking for some more inspiration to set driftwood Christmas trees? Here are more ideas drafted exclusively for you. 

Miniature Christmas Tree

Running short of driftwood pieces to set the Christmas tree?

Perhaps, you can make a miniature Christmas tree and top it with a tree topper. This is going to look professional and cute. This Christmas tree version is ideal for preschools and can also be used as an experiment to engage kids. 

You can buy here small driftwood sticks.

Wall-based Christmas Tree

If you’re running short of supplies and also want to turn your Christmas tree into a permanent wall craft, here’s the one for you. 

This DIY driftwood Christmas tree needs less than 20 pieces of driftwood. 

You can connect various tree toppers, lights, and bells in the middle of these wood pieces. This approach undoubtedly adorns your living area and is a multipurpose model. 

Large Driftwood Christmas Trees

If you’ve too many driftwood pieces at home, you can give them a twist by creating multiple trees and hanging them on branches of the actual tree. 

Need some insights? Here you go. 

The fascinating aspect about this tree is that you don’t use external supplies, and you use real wood pieces to craft the massive tree. If you’re living in a community, you can use this model to create a massive tree. 

Perhaps, at the end of Christmas, you can even think of gifting miniature trees (that are hanging) to your neighbors. 

Sounds great, right?

Driftwood Christmas Tree Gifts

If you’re frustrated in finding magnificent gifts for Christmas eve, look no further. Here’s an idea that can blow your visitor’s mind.

We promise!

Create as many tiny trees as feasible and wrap them in a cardboard box. As guests arrive for the Christmas feast, gift these trees to them, and they’ll be spellbound. 

That has been our experience in gifting guests in the last few years! 

Last Minute DIY Driftwood Christmas Tree

Perhaps, most of us are forced to set up our Christmas trees at the eleventh hour. While this can be painstaking, the truth is that you can still create butterflies in your family’s stomach with this fabulous idea. 

Take a center rod and let it stand on the base log. 

Align all pieces on their sides. Voila, your tree is ready to flaunt! 

What’s more? You can recycle these pieces and make a recycled driftwood Christmas tree every year with them. 

Note: Remember to store them appropriately. 

Final Thoughts

Christmas is a day of happiness, celebration, and sharing. As guests arrive at your home, it’s important to give them a rich look with decorations made exclusively for Eve.

With driftwood Christmas trees in place, your guests are probably going to fall in love with the arrangements and your creativity as well. 

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