What Tree Is Driftwood

What Tree Is Driftwood 

Most of us DIY enthusiasts enjoy making crafts out of driftwood. While we’re generally amazed by its rich look and beauty, it’s essential to know its origin. Have you ever wondered what tree driftwood is?

Driftwood ideally means the remnants of a tree that’s washed due to various reasons (like winds or floods) and ends up on the shore of the water body. This wind-blown timber can land on the shore in various forms, including pallets, lumber, twigs, and branches.


Isn’t that interesting to know how driftwood evolves and reaches our hands? Let’s dig into it further in this article.

Driftwood And Trees

Driftwood has been in use since the Norse mythology period. However, there’s no one tree that transforms into driftwood. For example, neem, mangrove, and banyan trees that are growing on the shore often have droppings due to soil erosion and other natural incidents. In such cases, these twigs and logs are considered driftwood.

Perhaps, you can customize driftwood based on your craft needs. Your driftwood can be a branch or root or simply a log from any tree. In any case, the usage of driftwood isn’t the same for all tree origins.

For instance, mangrove roots are considered Sumatran driftwood. When mangroves along the shore are cleared for any reason, such dead mango trees convert into driftwood.

Some are ideal for aquariums, while others are for craft purposes.

Safe Driftwood and Plants for Fish Tank

Some of the common woods and their tree origins are listed below.

Driftwood nameTree origin
Mopani woodMopane tree
Sumatran driftwoodMangrove roots
Manzanita woodShrubs on the shore
BogwoodNo tree origin; it’s a submerged wood
Cholla woodUpright cactus
Tree root driftwoodRoot of any tree on the shore
Manzanita Wood 

Is Driftwood A Tree

Driftwood is a part of a tree (trunk, root, or branch) that’s fallen from a tree along the shoreside. Most driftwood collected from these shores is treated to remove tannins and then used for the intended reasons.

In recent times, driftwood is also artificially created to replicate the look of a tree. Such woods are treated at the first level and can be customized based on the requirement.

Is Driftwood A Specific Type Of Wood

Driftwood implies floating wood from various trees that are on the shore of a water body. Based on the tree from which the wood has fallen, the driftwood gets its name.

For instance, straight cactus remains become Cholla wood.

Cholla Wood

Final Thoughts

As a driftwood user, you should pay attention to the source of the tree to use it appropriately. Otherwise, it can differ in properties and usability of the wood as each tree or its part has specific properties.

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